Super Powers > Super Heroes

Working with talented associates helps you see things more clearly. I now know that Super Powers are greater than Super Heroes.

Wonder Women, Super Men – all things to everyone. They lean on their powers.

Superman could only leap “tall buildings in a single bound” – key word “single”. One thing at a time, people.

My nostalgic, new favorite Super Hero? The Wonder Twins. Powers activate! Originator of the fist bump some say.


Distilled down to a finer point, it’s really Super Powers that make Super Heroes, and that’s the transformative part of the Wonder Twins.

Do you have Super Powers? Can you morph into any form of water? Can you transform into any animal?

In today’s marketing reality, it’s more likely that you see the information in the analytics, or write the copy, or even develop the creative. All these skills have to work well together.

Until you start working with people who get it and, just as importantly, care like you do, it’s going to be a really long day at your Hall of Justice aka office.

So quit trying to be a Super Hero. Start working with people that have Super Powers and then start building your own Super Powers… one skill set at a time.