Sheryl Grigsby Named General Manager

Houston, Texas June 24, 2016 – True Blue Media announced today that Sheryl Grigsby will become General Manager of the company. Jim Flint, the Founder of True Blue Media, will retain his role as Founder and President of Local Search Group.

“One of the goals, that I’ve focused on more specifically this year, is the development of a fully integrated, modern marketing agency,” Flint wrote in correspondence to Local Search Group employees today. “I’m prepared and excited to go through another incredible growth phase with True Blue Media.”

“That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Sheryl Grigsby, President of the Houston Media Alliance and a long-time Cox Media Group employee, will become True Blue Media’s General Manager, effective immediately. Sheryl has deep experience in media direction, account direction, and vendor relations. She also has the personality and team-building skills that will help guide True Blue in the right direction.”

Flint, who said he would remain hands on in both businesses, praised Grigsby as “an outstanding person and someone that will work with me on the shared goal to make Houston an agency destination for future generations.”

He noted that Grigsby has applied many of the lessons from Local Search Group’s success in digital marketing to the creation of her own advertising game plans. Those experiences, chronicled in Flint’s book, “Car Dog Millionaire”, tells how the leadership principles, learned from Toyota and developed with Local Search Group, may be applied to other businesses.

“The early challenges faced with the Internet have helped place those with experience in traditional media as well as digital media in the best position to support their clients,” Jim Flint said. “Our combination of experiences will give our clients significant competitive advantages.”

Grigsby spent the last decade with Cox Media Group as an Account Manager. She also currently serves as the President of the Media Alliance of Houston. In that role she’s responsible for positioning the foundation of Houston’s media leaders with an eye toward empowering career development, engaging thought leadership and driving positive change within the media industry.

Previously, Grigsby held Alliance roles as the programming chair and is a two-time award-winner of the Local Radio Account Executive of the Year. This past year, she added Market Rock Star, which recognizes the overall top market performer regardless of category, to her fast growing list of accolades.

“I know that the opportunity to work with Jim is the only thing that could have attracted me to a job other than the one I have, where I have so many great friends and memories.” Grigsby went on to say, “I’m ecstatic to tap into his expertise during the start-up phase and I fully expect us to be among the fastest growing agencies in the nation. Our efforts will establish True Blue as a permanent part of the agency landscape in Houston. I believe strongly in our commitment and fully expect that our efforts will be highly productive.”

Grigsby recognizes that many of her career and client accomplishments in traditional mediums have been accelerated through digital efforts.

“Just as I thought it was appropriate to apply lessons learned from traditional to digital, I believe the reverse is true as well,” Grigsby said.

Grigsby considers Local Search Group as the strong foundation upon which they can build a company that delivers new media products, iconic creative and incredible account support. As a dynamic duo, Flint and Grigsby are now accelerating their business plans with a mind toward helping Houston become the Silicon Valley of Advertising Agencies.

From Flint’s perspective, having dealt with issues like Hurricane Ike, the financial collapse and the recent downturns in oil prices, he knows Sheryl has what it takes to fight through adversity. As an eight-time sales person of the year, she also knows how to deal with long sales cycles as well as the importance of client support.

Grigsby attended the University of Texas and majored in journalism while taking elective courses at the McCombs’ business school. A native of Houston, she enjoys cooking, running and spending time with her husband, Brian, and two daughters, Taylor and Payton.

Flint graduated from Texas Christian University with a Master’s in Business Administration. The Founder of the nation’s 10th fastest growing ad agency according to Inc. Magazine, Flint is a national speaker. A former Nike and Toyota employee, he sees modern marketing agencies working from the middle-out to support consumers, clients and much more than a Silicon Valley mindset. In his free time, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife, Cheryl, supporting the Houston SPCA and continuing his journey to visit each of the nation’s major league baseball stadiums in the coming years.

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